Sabroso - A WordPress Theme for Food Bloggers

Installing Process

Navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload page. Select the zip file with theme. Press the Install Now button to upload and install the theme. After uploading the theme, you must activate it. Navigate to the Appearance > Themes page to activate the theme


IPkabuto themes supports one location for a custom WordPress menu - the Primary Menu:

The Primary Menu supports 3 levels of drop-downs.

For menu setup, navigate to the Appearance > Menus page. Enter a name for your menu and add links to the menu by using the options given on the left sidebar. You can manage your menu using the drag and drop functionality. After setting up your menu, select the menu you just created from the theme locations drop-down box and hit the "Save" button.

Please be sure to check the box assigning this as your "Primary Menu".


For enable logo you need first disable "Site Identity". Navigate to the Appearence > Customizer > Site Identity

Then go to HEADER > logo Upload here you can enable and upload Your logo.


All IPkabuto themes comes with simple homepage. If you would like to adjust the amount of posts shown per page you can go to Settings > Reading Blog pages show at most and change the number.

To choose your different homepage layouts, navigate to Appearance > Customize > BODY > Home Options.

You can also enable or disable the Featured Area Slider and Promo Boxes by navigating to Appearance > Customize > HEADER > Featured Slider Settings, or, Appearance > Customize > HEADER > Promo Box

Featured Images

All IPkabuto themes uses the WordPress Featured Image function. This way, you can upload one image and WordPress will automatically resize it to all of the various thumbnail sizes used throughout the theme.

We recommend always using images for posts with at least 1280px width and 853px height for good image quality.

To set a featured image for your post, navigate to your post's create/edit screen and look in the bottom-right. There, you'll see a meta box asking you to choose a featured image.

The featured image will represent the post in thumbnails throughout the theme and on the post's singular page.


Posts in IPkabuto themes usually have a few options for display

Navigate to the Appearence > Customizer > BODY > Post options

Here You will see all options for posts, select options what you whant and click "Publish"

Special Posts

You can easily make sticky few posts in your blog, for this use Special Posts

Navigate to the Appearence > Customizer > BODY > Special Posts

Here You can select layouts, amount, and category for your special posts.

Thank you for purchasing Sabroso!

We take great pride in creating solid, dependable themes and strongly believe in robust customer service practices. Should you have a question that this documentation file can't resolve, feel free to contact with us and we'll do our very best to assist you.

Take care!